Cockroaches are Superman in disguise

Cockroaches are Superman in disguise

Spot a cockroach and most people will have similar reactions.

First, you’ll feel fear. Just admit it.

Then you’ll probably want to kill it. That’s actually pretty mean. But I get it.

But here’s the thing.

While they may not be cute or cuddly (quite the opposite you might agree) cockroaches are pretty impressive creatures.

Did you know if Robespierre had waged his reign of terror during the French Revolution on cockroaches rather than people he would not have been in power long, as cockroaches can survive without their head for up to a week! They can do this because they don’t need their mouth to breathe as they can breathe through holes in their bodies. Of course, they will eventually die of thirst as they need to stay hydrated and they do need their mouth to drink. But still.

What if, on the other hand, they lived in Medieval England and were accused of witchcraft and drowned. Nope. These little buggers can hold their breath for half an hour so would have probably fooled the executioner on that one too.

You sure you packed that picnic for the hike in case you need a snack? Cockroaches can go for a month without food so don’t bother packing them one.

Sorry to burst your bubble but no, they cannot survive a nuclear explosion.

Still, not bad for a little roach.


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