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Red is hot. Blue is cold. Right? Wrong.

It’s always amusing to think of how much of our everyday lives, things we take for granted, are actually based on fallacies. When you go into a bathroom and you look at the tap you will sometimes see the colours blue and red, indicating the temperature of the water depending on which tap you turn….Continue reading »

The ocean – not the rain forest – is Earth’s lungs

If you were asked where the majority of oxygen in the Earth’s atmosphere comes from what would you say? The rain forest? Wrong. Scientists estimate that between 50-80% of the oxygen on Earth is produced by the ocean. More specifically, it is produced by plankton and other tiny micro-plants that drift with the oceans currents…Continue reading »

You think zombies exist only in movies? Think again!

Scientists have discovered that a particular species of fungus targets carpenter ants that live in the rainforests of Thailand. Now for the gory part. This fungus, once it finds its way into the body of it’s host ant, multiplies to such an extent that it occupies the ant’s entire body which leads to muscle decay…Continue reading »

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