You think zombies exist only in movies? Think again!

Scientists have discovered that a particular species of fungus targets carpenter ants that live in the rainforests of Thailand. Now for the gory part. This fungus, once it finds its way into the body of it’s host ant, multiplies to such an extent that it occupies the ant’s entire body which leads to muscle decay…Continue reading »

Why the static on your analogue TV channel was actually pretty cool

Ok, so I appreciate that not many of the younger generation will appreciate that analogue TV was once a thing. Trust me, digital is better. For those of us who do remember it though, one of the things you will no doubt ‘fondly’ recall is the static or ‘snowy’ screen – what NASA refers to…Continue reading »

Looking for creative inspiration?

If you don’t mind being sleep-deprived then this trick might help. Salvador Dali, the Spanish surrealist painter, famous for paintings such as the Melting Clock and the Burning Giraffe, apparently sought inspiration for his hallucinogenic style on the intercept between dreams and reality. Wanting to tap into the imagery of the unconscious imagination (and obviously…Continue reading »

Why we don’t need welders in space

When I was a kid I was always fascinated when I watched welders at work, with their Star-Wars-like face masks and spark-spewing flame guns. Welding is still common in the construction industry today. It remains the quickest and securest way of binding two metals together to form a seamless single unit. It’s used on everything…Continue reading »

8% of men across parts of Asia (and 0.5% worldwide) are related to Genghis Khan

In the 13th Century, when Genghis Khan lived, birth control had not yet become a topical issue. Certainly not for those nomads traversing the wild steppes of Mongolia. The Mongolian ruler was equally famed for his fertility as for his military conquests. Khan believed that to leave a lasting legacy (and sustain familial loyalty among…Continue reading »

Cockroaches are Superman in disguise

Spot a cockroach and most people will have similar reactions. First, you’ll feel fear. Just admit it. Then you’ll probably want to kill it. That’s actually pretty mean. But I get it. But here’s the thing. While they may not be cute or cuddly (quite the opposite you might agree) cockroaches are pretty impressive creatures….Continue reading »

Why does hot water sound different to cold water when poured?

Ever wondered when you turn on the cold water tap followed by the hot water tap why there is a notable difference in sound (assuming flow rate and pressure are more or less the same)? It’s actually to do with the viscosity (or thickness) of the water at different temperatures. Hot water is less viscous…Continue reading »

How the nuclear bomb benefitted the art world

Let’s say you were in the market to buy an authentic Leonardo Da Vinci painting. You will need two things. First, a lot of money. Second, a knowledge of nuclear bombs. Or, more specifically, isotopes created by the detonation of nuclear bombs. Isotopes (atoms that have different numbers of neutrons than the standard for that…Continue reading »

A Covid-19 lesson from Darwin

While the world is currently enduring it’s most recent pandemic with Covid-19, it is interesting to look back in time at how we coped, and what we learned, from previous pandemics. In the 14th century, the Black Death (or plague) killed around a third of the population of Europe. As horrible as that was, it…Continue reading »

Volcanoes can spew lava…and lightning!

A volcanic plume (the cloud of ash that bursts out of an active volcano) are made up of highly compressed particles as they have been underground for many thousands of years. When a volcano erupts and spits out its ash plume, these particles mix with the air in the atmosphere, which is much less dense. As the…Continue reading »


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