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Why is the universe expanding?

Is the universe expanding? First, it’s probably a good idea to wrap your head around the idea that the universe is expanding and how this is even possible. We know that the Big Bank resulted in a (very rapid) expansion of a plasma of pure energy. Later, once it cooled, it started to coalesce and…

Einstein vs Newton! How time is relative and why it matters

If you’re even remotely into physics or science generally (or you’ve just been alive during the last 100 years) you will have heard about Einstein’s theory of relativity. To properly understand it though, and it’s importance to our understanding of how the universe works, is another matter entirely. The truth is that, while complicated, it’s…

Why salt kills. And not because you eat too much of it!

Most people would probably vote sharks as their number one fear when thinking about swimming in the sea. Here’s the thing though. The amount of shark attacks on humans per year globally is a tiny fraction compared to the number of people who drown because they get swept up in a strong current. Most of…

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